Sliding Blocks

The puzzle game.

You need move blocks and gain score.

Duplicate finder

Find Duplicate Files Instantly
It is the fastest and most accurate program of its kind. It will instantly scan your computer for duplicate files and display them in an easy to understand report. Built-in tools help you resolve them easily and safely.

    Algorithm finding duplicates:
  • Compare file size
  • Compare CRC32 of first 64 KB binary file data.
    User interface:
  • For adding path click "Add path".
  • After you have added all paths, click "Update tree view".
  • In tree view you can use right button for change duplicates files state (need delete or save).
  • Button "Apply changes" will remove files that was flagged "need delete".
  • Double click to link will show file in the tree view.

Language: EN

Screen holder

The program creates snapshots of the desktop.
Allows quickly take screen pictures and store them in a separate files.

Language: EN


The program for the layout of the laminate

Language: RU

Keyboard lights

It is console application that toggles lights bulbs:
"Num Lock", "Caps Lock" and "Scroll Lock", located on your keypad.

Language: RU


Logs player for Battle robots scripts

Was written for Тверской городской школьный турнир по информатике «JIN» (Junior Informatics)

Examples of battles logs can be downloaded here.

Language: RU

War Of University

Step-by-step strategy

There is a field. It is divided into cells. Each cell may be located by combat unit or static unit (trees). Each player during his turn may choose one of its units and send it to any available cell field or attack any available enemy unit. The unit has two characteristics: the attack and life. When attacking the enemy It is taken away so many lives, as was the attack. When life ends a unit dies and disappears from the map. The goal of each player to destroy the enemy's main unit (the picture of the Queen).

Language: RU